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Sir Ian McKellen Celebrity Tattoos

Ian McKellen has the same tattoo as eight other cast and crew members of the hit movie series ''The Lord of the Rings''. It is the Elvish word for "nine" written in Tengwar script and Symbolized the nine members of the Fellowship of the Ring. It is also a reminder of the bonding experiences the cast and crew shared while making the epic film. McKellen has the tattoo on his right Shoulder. He explained in an interview, "It did rather surprise me- I didn't think I'd ever have a tattoo." When asked to see it, he replied "It's on display during ''Dance of Death'', if you want to see it - I take my shirt off on the Broadway stage, and it'll cost you $70."

Sir Ian McKellen Celebrity TattoosSir Ian McKellen Celebrity Tattoos

Sir Ian Murray McKellen (born May 25, 1939) is an English stage and screen actor. He has been a working actor since 1965 and has worked in genres from Shakespearean to modern theater to popular Fantasy. He has many awards, including a coveted Tony Award and a Screen Actors Guild award. Some of the bigger productions that he has appeared in are ''The X-men'' movie series, ''The Lord of the Rings'' trilogy and ''Apt Pupil''. McKellen was knighted in 1991 and made a Commander of the Order of the British Empires in 1979. He has also been an outspoken LGBT rights activist since 1988. He is a founding member of Stonewall, one of the UK's most influential LGBT rights groups.

Viggo Mortensen Celebrity Tattoos

Viggo Peter Mortensen Jr. (born October 20, 1958) is a Danish American actor, as well as a sometimes poet, Musician, photographer and Painter. He has worked in various plays and movies, including ''A Walk on the Moon'', ''The Prophecy'' and the 1998 remake of ''Psycho''. However, Mortensen is best known for his work in the epic movie series ''The Lord of the Rings''. With part of the earnings from his role in the movies, he founded Perceval Press, a publishing house that Caters to artists who may not have been able to find a more traditional publisher. It is also where he publishes his own personal artistic projects. Mortensen has been divorced for ten years and has one son, Henry.

Viggo Mortensen often plays tattooed characters in his films, but he actually has a few of his own...

Shoulder: Viggo got an Elvish “nine” tattoo along with the rest of the Lord Of The Rings film fellowship.

Right wrist: A small capital “H”. The story goes that when Viggo’s son Henry was a small boy, learning to write his own name, he would write the initial “H” all over the place, including on his father. he would scribble all over his father’s arms. Viggo was so moved by the gesture, he had one of Henry’s “H’s” tattooed on his wrist.

Left hip: A black crescent moon.

Left shoulder: a combination of a barbed wire fence and a fist.

Left bicep: A stylized V-E-H in a bleeding heart. V for Viggo, E for Exene, H for their son Henry.

Viggo Mortensen TattoosViggo Mortensen TattoosViggo Mortensen Tattoos

Roseanne Barr Celebrity Tattoos

Roseanne Barr has a nice collection of rose tattoos on her right ankle, shoulder blade and left breast. The flower is her namesake and is also one the most widely recognized symbols of love and beauty in the world. Different colored roses mean different types of love but all of Roseanne's roses are red. Red roses mean romantic love. Roseanne also has tattoo on her right thigh that says "Property of Tom Arnold". Tom Arnold was number two of three husbands and he has a matching tattoo on his butt that said "Rosie", as well as a portrait tattoo of her face on the left side of his chest. Both stars had those tattoos removed after the divorce. 

Roseanne Cherrie Barr Pentland Arnold Thomas (born November 3, 1952) is an Emmy Award winning American comedian and actress. She is best known for her turn as Roseanne Conner on her long running sitcom "Roseanne" based on her comedy act. The show tackled the trials and tribulations of the working class family. The comedian/actress is known for her outspokenness and controversial opinions. She has been criticized for dishonoring the national anthem, her views on gay rights and her criticism of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Roseanne married her first husband Bill Pentland in 1974 but divorced him during the show for actor Tom Arnold. After four years and several tattoos, they too divorced. She went on to marry her bodyguard Ben Thomas. She has a total of five children; including one she gave up for adoption and found later in life.

Roseanne Barr TattooRoseanne Barr Tattoo

Sammy Hagar Van Halen Celebrity Tattoos

Sammy Hagar has immortalized his tequila project, Cabo Wabo, on his left arm with its logo tattooed there. The tattoo shows the circular logo and the words Cabo Wabo underneath. Cabo Wabo Enterprises began when Hagar bought the Cabo Wabo Cantina in the Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. He made it into a franchise, branched off into liquor and even formed a band called the Waboritas. He says that he's proud of what his brand has accomplished. "I'm proud enough to have the (Cabo Wabo) tattoo on my arm, but now with the new logo I'm probably going to have to get another one on my other arm," he said. "I've got to be updated."

Samuel Roy Hagar (born October 13, 1947) is an American rock musician and singer. He is best known as one of the revolving singers of Van Halen. He started off working to follow in the footsteps of his father, a boxer, but soon found himself working in various rock bands. His first success came from his work in the band Montrose. He departed the group after tensions with the band's founder. Hagar's work with Montrose was what made Eddie Van Halen ask Hager to audition for Van Halen after they had parted ways with vocalist David Lee Roth. After nearly ten years with the band, Hager was either fired or quit depending on who's telling the story.

Sammy Hagar TattoosSammy Hagar TattoosSammy Hagar Van Halen Celebrity Tattoos