Lucky Seven Tattoos

The lucky seven tattoo will bring you luck in life as well as at the casino. The lucky seven tattoo is frequently accompanied by a pair of dice or a series of aces. This tattoo design is also accompanied by other symbols of luck, like four-leaf clovers and horse shoes. This design is ideal for the gambler, but is also a good fit for anyone who feels they have been lucky in life. Lucky sevens can be paired with almost any other imagery that represents an aspect of life for which luck has been important to you. The origin of this design is the major world religions. In Christianity seven stands for the days of Creation and the seven deadly sins. In Islam there are seven gates to heaven and seven lands. The number seven also permeates modern culture. There are seven days of the week, seven continents, and seven colors in the rainbow. In music there are seven notes, and there are seven phases of the moon. James Bond, who relies on luck as much as cunning and prowess to keep the world safe from terror, is agent 007.  

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