Gecko Tattoos

A gecko is a lizard that is one of the most unique lizard types there are. Geckos use chirping sounds to communicate with other lizards. Most of them are unable to blink, but they often lick their eyes to keep them moist and clean. These lizards range from 1.6 – 6 cm in size and are most known to be located in the warmer climates. One of the unique characteristics of the gecko is that these reptiles are able to replace their 100 teeth every three to four months. Most species can lose their tails in defense, a process called autotomy. Many species are well known for their specialized toe pads that enable them to climb smooth and vertical surfaces, and ceilings with ease. A gecko tattoo is symbolic of having supernatural powers in some cultures, such as the Polynesian. This reptile is also known for instilling fear into others because of some of its unique characteristics.

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