About Tattoo Johnny

Reaching millions of visitors each month, is recognized world wide as the leading authority in tattoo websites. But did you also know that Tattoo Johnny is the largest supplier of tattoo stencils to professional studios? Tattoo Johnny produces the vast majority of tattoo designs and artwork found in almost every quality tattoo studio on the planet.

 Tattoo Johnny started by selling tattoo stencils to professional studios door-to-door. The response to the high quality trend setting tattoo designs was so overwhelming that shortly thereafter, an entire catalog and mail order division was started to meet the demand. The global adoption of Tattoo Johnny designs revolutionized tattooing with a new level of artwork that stole the attention of the mainstream market.  As a natural transition, Tattoo Johnny applied its revolutionary tattoo design and business strategy to the Internet and once again changed the tattoo industry. The same world class tattoo designs that were once found only in professional tattoo studios, now appeared in millions of homes and offices making Tattoo Johnny the most recognized tattoo icon in the world.