Only God Can Judge Me Tattoos

Only God Can Judge Me tattoos express the truth that everyone makes hard decisions in life. The tattoo can portray the Christian God, deities of other religions, other meaningful imagery, or just the phrase. Only God Can Judge Me tattoos represent learning from hard decisions, admitting when wrong, and self-forgiveness. If you live life to its fullest and learn from your mistakes, then you might like this tattoo design. This type of tattoo represents acceptance of your own weaknesses as well as strengths and faith in yourself as well as in a higher power. The origin of the phrase is unclear. The sentiment is found throughout the Bible and other religious texts. The general meaning of the phrase is that one’s God or higher power is the only eternal and infallible authority who can pass judgment. In popular culture the phrase has been used to acknowledge that we often misjudge one another due to misunderstanding, because we don’t know where each other have been, or what someone is going through at the moment. The phrase is a reminder that everyone should show one another compassion, even when competitors or enemies, until we get the full story, until we understand each other.

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