Biker Tattoos

You don’t have to be a biker to get a biker tattoo, although it shouldn’t be surprising that these tattoos are most popular among the demographic. Biker tattoos commonly have flames, skulls, and motorcycles are often incorporated into biker tattoos. Biker gangs first began forming in the 40s and 50s, distinguishing themselves as the “one percent” of bikers that were outlaws compared to the ninety-nine percent of bikers that were good. Often, gang members would get tattoos as initiation. Nowadays, attitudes towards both motorcycles and tattoos have changed, and owners of both aren’t assumed to be part of a gang. But the dangerous, daring, and badass image of a biker tattoo remains. If that’s what you’re after with your tattoo, a biker tattoo could be the perfect fit for you.

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