Deer Tattoos

Deer are rich in folklore and symbolism, and if you choose to get a deer tattoo, you will have a gold mine of meaning you can choose to assign to it. Celtic mythology says that deer had a connection to music and poetry, as well as being connected to the faerie realm. Native Americans noticed that deer had an uncanny ability to find herbs and associated them with guidance and direction. If you want to get a tattoo to remind you to seek out guidance in life or seek spiritual connections, a deer tattoo can be an excellent choice. A male deer, or buck, can symbolize strength, virility and majesty, while female deer, or does, can symbolize maternal love, beauty, and grace. Deer can also symbolize patience, intuition, vigilance, spirituality, and swiftness. If you feel that you display some of these traits, or want a tattoo to remind you of these virtues, a deer tattoo just might be right for you. 

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