Spider Web Tattoos

The spider web tattoo means you are currently in or have been in a situation that feels inescapable. Spider web tattoos can be used to symbolize a difficult personal relationship, struggle with one’s inner demons, or hard time behind bars. This tattoo design can be paired with a wide range of additional imagery. Most frequently the design is paired with skulls or daggers for toughness, hearts for relationships, butterflies for renewal, spiders for captors, and symbols of faith and life philosophy. This tattoo design originates with having served time in jail or prison. The placement and size of the design historically has varied based on country – spider web tattoos are most popular amongst Russian convicts – as well as per the crime and number of years sentenced and served. However the design more recently has been used by numerous other people who have felt trapped, whether incarcerated or not, and can be used to represent more positive experiences as well, based on whatever other imagery the design is paired with. This tattoo perhaps more than most others has personalized meaning for the individual wearing it.

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