Worm Tattoos

Animal tattoos are a common trend in tattoos, but worms are certainly not. When most people consider an animal tattoo, a worm rarely comes to mind. So, if you’re interested in a tattoo that’s guaranteed to stand out, a worm tattoo is the way to go. In literature, worms are usually symbolic of death and decay. The word “worm” was also used in old literature to describe several different creatures, ranging from caterpillars and maggots to lizards and dragons. A “worm” tattoo could take on a more classic literary meaning and be more akin to a dragon or serpent than your garden variety earthworm (get it).  But not all worms carry negative connotations. For example, a worm on a fish hook could showcase your love for the outdoor sport, or a “bookwork” tattoo could highlight a passion for reading. Regardless of route, a worm tattoo is certain to make a statement and set you and your tattoo apart.   

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