Orchid Tattoos

Orchids are incredibly beautiful flowers with 27,000 species around the world. With a wide variety of species to choose from, an orchid can make for a unique and beautiful tattoo. In Ancient Greece, orchids were symbols of sexuality, both male and female. The ancient Greek word for “orchid” literally translates to “testicle,” and a group of orchids was called a “satyrion,” named after a nymph and said to represent female anatomy. In China, Egypt, and parts of Africa, the orchid was considered an aphrodisiac. An orchid tattoo could represent the same eroticism as the flower, especially if the placement of your tattoo is considered sexy. An orchid also represents wealth, opulence, and luxury. This meaning comes from the Victorian era, when men would give orchids to women they were courting. An orchid tattoo could represent a life of luxury, or a desire to live one. Although they can grow wild, orchids are very rare, and an orchid tattoo could represent uniqueness and rarity.

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