Bow Tattoos

Bow tattoos tend to be a design favored by women, but a beautifully designed bow tattoo can be enjoyed by anyone. Designs can range from simple and cartoon-like to hyper-realistic with shading and shadowing. A popular image for bow tattoos is combining bows with other images, such as hearts, birds, or flowers. Some tattoo designs look like the bow tattoo is laced through the skin, like a corset. This design could symbolize a complex inner life of the wearer, having more to them than meets the eye. Some people get bow tattoos around their wrists, fingers, or ankles, to look like jewelry, while other people, like the pop singer Pink, get tattoos on the back of their legs to look like stockings or garters. Some couples get bow tattoos to represent their commitment to each other. Regardless of placement, bow tattoos can look attractive placed anywhere. Often bow tattoos symbolize femininity, love, beauty, and sexuality, but bow tattoos are versatile enough to take on any meaning that you choose to give them.

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