Ribbon Tattoos

Here at Tattoo Johnny, our most common ribbon design features the awareness ribbon, also called the cancer ribbon. The first thing that comes to mind for cancer ribbons, usually, is the pink ribbon often seen for breast cancer awareness, but these ribbons come in several different colors to raise awareness for several different causes. The three most common cancers are skin, lung, and prostate, which are represented by black, white, and blue ribbons, respectively. Different cancers have different colored awareness ribbons. You could get an awareness ribbon tattoo if you have lost a loved one to cancer, if you or a loved one is currently battling cancer, or if you or someone you love is now living cancer-free. Ribbon tattoos don’t have to be limited to cancer awareness. In medieval times, knights were given yellow ribbons for victories in battle. If you’ve recently overcome an obstacle in your life, a yellow ribbon tattoo could commemorate your own victory.

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