Dog Tattoos

When it comes to having a best friend, it’s probable that your dog may be yours. These are affectionate animals that may stay inside or outside the home, depending on your preference. Dogs can perform a number of roles for the owner that may include companionship, protection and even assisting the military or police. The dog breed you select will determine the individual characteristics of the pet and the weight. For instance, you can expect a Shih Tzu, a small dog breed to reach a maximum of only 16lbs. Dog tattoos are frequently chosen as a memorial for deceased pets or to simply show love for one that is living. This tattoo design is a symbol of loyalty and one of intelligence, as well. This animal is a smart one that may provide years of companionship to its owner. The average lifespan for most dog breeds is as much as 15 years and in some cases longer. Females and males alike enjoy getting this popular tattoo.

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