Rooster Tattoos

At first glance, a rooster tattoo might seem unconventional, but roosters have a rich symbolic history. In several cultures, roosters are often associated with confidence or even arrogance, hence the term “cocky” to describe someone overly confident. A rooster tattoo could represent self-confidence. In the Chinese zodiac calendar, those who are born under the year of the rooster are seen as confident, decisive, intelligent, sexually attractive, and proud. If you were born in the year of the rooster, a rooster tattoo could symbolize those traits. Chinese mythology also attributes courage, wisdom, generosity, and punctuality to roosters. In Korea, roosters also represent bravery and a strong will, because of their ability to fight. In Celtic and Norse mythology, roosters are seen as messengers for the underworld and would cry out during potentially dangerous times. Because of this folklore, as well as roosters crying out in the morning, a rooster tattoo could symbolize an important moment or “wake-up call” in your life. 

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