Tree Tattoos

A tree can serve some purposes. There is a variety of different ones to choose from, and some of these include the fruit trees or ones that serve to meet the landscaping needs of your yard. Many people may not be aware that a tree is also a perennial plant. Studies show there are three trillion trees in the world today. Additionally, the tallest tree is the Hyperion that is 379 feet tall. A tree tattoo is symbolic of the cycle of life because of its growth and how long it lives on the earth. A tattoo of this type also represents rejuvenation and should remind all people of the beauty of life. Tree tattoos can symbolize the cycles, stages, and seasons of life. There is a variety of tattoo designs to choose, and some of these can be big and bold. Both men and women may get a tattoo of this type, but men may be more likely to do so.

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