Swan Tattoos

Swans are universally recognized as symbols of beauty, and many cultures have folklore and legends where gods or goddesses are associated with swans. For example, Brigid, a Celtic goddess renowned for her eloquence and her beauty, often had a swan nearby in depictions of her. The Greek God Apollo was also associated with swans, and the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, and purity is symbolized as a swan. In Norse mythology, swans symbolize purity. Swan tattoos can symbolize any of these traits: beauty, divinity, eloquence, or purity. Swan tattoos can also be used to symbolize balance, grace and harmony, as these are traits people often associate with swans. The term “black swan” is used to describe an unexpected event with significant results, either great benefits or severe consequences. The term originates from the discovery of a species of black swan in Australia. A black swan could make for an interesting tattoo, possibly symbolizing an unexpected but significant event in a person’s life.

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