Trinity Knot Tattoos

The Trinity Knot tattoo represents the Holy trinity of the Christian faith. Also called a Triquetra, the three points of the Trinity Knot tattoo represent the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Anyone who identifies with any denomination of the Christian faith may like this type of tattoo design. This type of tattoo design may or may not include a circle, which represents the eternity of God and of God’s love. This type of tattoo design is a great way to express one’s Christian faith. The Trinity Knot originates from Ireland. The symbol was created by the Monks, who converted the Celts to Christianity during medieval times. It is comprised of three interlinked vesica pisces, better known as “Jesus fish,” which too are of Christian origin. The fishes in the Trinity Knot symbolize that Jesus’s disciples became “fishers of men” when spreading the Word of God. The three fishes are also symbols of Christian baptism. The Trinity Knot gained widespread use as a symbol of Christian faith during the persecution of the early Christian Church in medieval times, because the symbol was not familiar to non-Christians.

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