Plumeria Tattoos

Plumeria flowers, also called a frangipani flower, can make for a beautiful tattoo with several different meanings to it. Plumeria flowers are often associated with Hawaiian culture, and a plumeria tattoo could symbolize a love for or a connection to the island. Plumerias also symbolize happiness and positivity, and a tattoo could mean the same. In both Hawaiian and ancient Mayan culture, the flower symbolizes life and birth. Buddhists associate plumeria flowers with immortality, because the plant can still produce flowers after it’s been uprooted Plumeria flowers are tropical and sub-tropical natives, often found in South Asia and South or Central America. There are almost three hundred different varieties of plumeria known to man. In Vietnamese culture, the plumeria is believed to have medicinal properties, and was used in ancient times to treat inflammation. The flower’s other name, Frangipani, comes from a 16th century Italian nobleman who made a perfume out of the flowers.

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