Mountain Lion Tattoos

Mountain lions can also be called cougars, pumas, catamounts, or mountain screamers.Whatever name you have for them, a mountain lion tattoo is sure to stand out. A mountain lion tattoo often symbolizes strength, power, and persistence. Native American tribes recognized the mountain lion as a sign of leadership, and would sometimes bring carvings of the animal with them during hunts. Mountain lions are renowned for their strength and agility, and if these are traits you see in yourself, a mountain lion tattoo could be a powerful symbol to signify that. Mountain lions are also highly intelligent and cunning, and a mountain lion tattoo could easily signify these attributes as well. If you view yourself as a protector of those around you, a mountain lion tattoo could serve as a symbol of your status. In Inca legend, mountain lions are linked to the Sun God, while some tribes even saw the mountain lion as the protector of the universe.

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