Seashell Tattoos

There are a variety of seashell types, but three are very common for seashell tattoos: conch shells, scallop shells, and nautilus shells. A conch shell has a distinct cone shape and spiraled top, and several varieties produce pearls. These pearls are very rare and have been seen as a symbol of wealth and luxury since the Victorian era. Conch shells are also religious symbols in Buddhism and Hinduism, and some cultures have used them as currency. A conch tattoo could symbolize wealth, rarity, and status, or an affinity for the mentioned religions. Scallop shells are shaped like compacts and, in many cultures, are a symbol of fertility. In The Birth of Venus, The Greek goddess of love, beauty, and fertility is seen standing inside of a scallop shell. In Christianity, scallop shells can represent baptism and are a symbol of Saint James. The nautilus shell spiral is an example of the Fibonacci spiral, a unique mathematical formula. Alternatively, a seashell tattoo can also simply represent a love of summer and the beach. Whatever shell you choose and whatever meaning you assign to it, your seashell tattoo is sure to make (dare we say it?) a splash.

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