Bomb Tattoos

A bomb tattoo an uncommon design, so whatever you choose is sure to stand out. A bomb tattoo can symbolize anything about yourself you consider bold or “explosive,” whether that’s your temper, brainpower, or personality. It can also symbolize aggression, danger, and a life on the edge. It can also symbolize something big in your life that you’re anticipating, something that hasn’t happened yet but is always on your mind. Or, you could go the other direction and get a bomb tattoo for a moment in your life that brought about big changes in a short amount of time. You can also get a bomb tattoo similar to a firework, which can represent light and excitement. A cherry bomb tattoo, named for the firework, can be a unique, sexy, and bright interpretation of the bomb tattoo. As for what that could symbolize, we’ll leave that entirely up to you.

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