Ankh Tattoos

An ankh is an Egyptian hieroglyph that carries multiple meanings. Generally, an ankh tattoo is meant to symbolize life and eternity. The symbol is a hybrid of a circle and a cross, and in ancient times came to be known as the “key of life” due to its key shape, and with the new name, the ankh became a symbol that could unlock the gates of death. Some people believe that the ankh represents the sunrise, with the cross signifying the horizon and the circle representing the sun. The ankh can also symbolize the unity of men and women, birth, and rebirth. Often Egyptian gods or goddesses are depicted with an ankh, either holding one by the circle or holding two with crossed arms. In the modern age, the ankh is used by neo-pagan groups as a connection to the spiritual world. An ankh tattoo can show an appreciation for religion or spirituality, or simply an appreciation for ancient beliefs and traditions.

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