Funny Tattoos

Who says that tattoos have to be meaningful? Sometimes the only thing you need to choose your tattoo is a great sense of humor. Funny tattoos are pretty self-explanatory: they’re tattoos with an absurd or unorthodox subject matter or design that’s meant to make people laugh. Visual puns, cartoon characters, and over-exaggerated designs can all be used for a funny tattoo, or you can get a tattoo of an unusual object or character. But like tattoo symbolism, humor is subjective. You can work with an artist to come up with a design that perfectly captures your sense of humor. You can get a design that’s an inside joke between you and a friend, a meme or a pop culture reference, or even a design that parodies traditional tattoo designs. Whatever makes you laugh will make for a great tattoo, but if you need some inspiration, we’re here to help you out.

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