Elf Tattoos

In pop culture, elves come in two varieties: Tolkien and Christmas. But actually, elves have a rich folkloric history. During medieval times, Germanic-speaking cultures thought of elves as anthropomorphic beings of unearthly power and beauty. They had the ability to both help and hinder humans, but were considered to be mostly indifferent. Some believed that elves caused illnesses, while others associated them with beauty, seduction, and sexuality. In The Lord of the Rings, J. R. R. Tolkien included elves as one of the species that lives in Middle Earth. Tolkien made elves a staple in the fantasy genre, and they’re still featured in fantasy books, movies, and video games. And Christmas elves? Well, those are self-explanatory, as well as a relatively recent tradition. Christmas elves didn’t appear in pop culture until roughly the 19th century. An elf tattoo could signify the same otherworldly etherealness medieval people associated with elves. Or, if you’re a fan of fantasy, a Tolkien-esque elf could be a way to showcase that passion. Regardless of reason, an elf tattoo is sure to carry the same uniqueness of the creatures themselves.

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