Stitches Tattoos

If you have an affinity for horror and want to show it through a unique and attention-grabbing tattoo, a stitches tattoo could be for you. Stitches tattoos can easily be designed to have a horror element to them. Stitches could be made to look like Frankenstein’s monster, zombies, or creepy rag dolls, but they also give you the opportunity to create a design that appears to be under your skin. Symbolically, you could get a stitches tattoo as a way to literally show people “what you’re made of,” or to maintain the horror element, you could have something dark dwelling underneath the surface. These kinds of stitches tattoos are a rare and unorthodox design, giving you an opportunity to find a tattoo guaranteed to stand out. Moving away from horror imagery, and in a similar way medicinal stitches sew up cuts, a stitches tattoo could also serve as a metaphor for healing from a difficult event or time in your life, or mending from a broken heart.

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