Fallen Angel Tattoos

In Christian religion, a fallen angel is an angel who once served God but were thrown out of heaven for rebelling against Him. Satan, who rules over Hell, is said to have once been an angel of God but was forced to leave because of pride. He considered himself better than God. If you choose, a fallen angel tattoo could symbolize a leaving of a religious institution or a falling from grace. If you are interested in subverting religious imagery, either for artistic or personal reasons, a fallen angel tattoo could be a very interesting and meaningful design. It could represent a “dark side” or rebellious nature. More commonly, however, fallen angel tattoos symbolize some kind of sorrow, loss, or shame. Some fallen angels are said to have fallen because of sin, and in this case, a fallen angel tattoo could represent shame or repentance. For a more positive spin on the design, a fallen angel tattoo could represent rising above difficulties in life.

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