Black Ink Tattoos

A black ink tattoo is exactly what it sounds like: a tattoo using only black ink. Black ink tattoos are some of the most versatile available. Designs vary in the amount of shading and line work. Designs can vary anywhere between bold and graphic, with thick lines and little to no shading, and soft and subtle with more shading. Some tattoo artists even do what is called a “blackout tattoo:” a tattoo where large parts of the body are covered in black ink. Sometimes designs are incorporated into blackout designs with skin as negative space. These kinds of tattoos will be costly and time-consuming, so proceed with caution. On the other hand, black ink tattoos can make for a great starter tattoo. Their simplicity means that the tattooing process probably won’t take as long, depending on the size and the amount of shading. A simple black ink tattoo could be the perfect way to dip your toe into the tattooing pond.

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