Gun Tattoos

When most people picture gun tattoos, they think of the classic big-and-tough design, and if that’s what you want out of your gun tattoo, you can certainly go that route. But gun tattoos might surprise you. They’re actually a lot more versatile than you might think. Like we said, you can get a bigger design with bold lines or intense shading. It’s a great way to look rough, tough, and super cool. But you can also get a small, simple gun tattoo, like pop singer Rihanna. She has a small gun tattooed on her upper ribcage. A smaller tattoo with more intimate placing, like Rihanna’s, can be very sexy and have an air of mystery. Some people get a small gun tattoo on their fingers, either to look tough and cool or for the visual pun (get it? Finger guns?) You may also consider something holding guns. Whichever design and whatever placement you choose, a gun tattoo guarantees one thing: you’ll look like a badass.

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