Racing Tattoos

The racing tattoo is for anyone who likes to go fast. The racing tattoo is most frequently represented with a black-and-white winner’s checkered flag, which means it most often is used to depict auto racing. For auto racing, the design is usually paired with a car of one type or another, a skull, and/or a big bad engine with fire being generated by firing pistons. If you feel the need for speed, then this tattoo is a must. But the design isn’t limited to auto racing. The design can be paired with other imagery to symbolize flying by the seat of your pants in a boat, a fighter jet, on a racing motorcycle or hog, or even with a pair of running shoes if that’s your thing. Racing tattoos began with hot rod and NASCAR racing fans, specifically in the southern States. In the beginning this design was typically paired with the Confederate flag to symbolize the rebellions beginnings of NASCAR racing during the Prohibition Era in the United States. This type of tattoo has evolved over the years to symbolize different types of auto racing as well as all other racing sports, including but not limited to those requiring motor vehicles.


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