Lip Print Tattoos

The lip print tattoo is extremely versatile. It can symbolize sensuality and love, danger and evil, and just about any other theme when paired with another tattoo design. The lip print tattoo is frequently represented as a kiss mark but is also commonly represented as a pair of actual lips, sometimes paired with a tongue, with teeth, or both. When represented as a pair of lips (versus a kiss mark), the specific symbolism can be determined by the type of teeth, for instance with the sharp incisors of a vampire or beast or with the relatively rounded and tame incisors of a human. Other common imagery that pairs nicely includes hearts for romance, blood for pain, and lipstick for femininity. This type of tattoo is also oftentimes accompanied by a lover’s name. The true origin of this tattoo design is unknown, but it became very popular in the 1970s due to its association with The Rolling Stones and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Ever since, this tattoo design has been associated with the sensual and erotic. However, this tattoo design has evolved to symbolize a much broader range of themes, depending on other images paired with it.

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