Legs Of A Woman Tattoos

During World War II, actress and pinup model Betty Grable enchanted American soldiers with her iconic pose showcasing her Million Dollar Legs. Today, very little has changed—artists and onlookers alike still appreciate a fine pair of women’s legs. Men may choose a design with a woman’s legs because they appreciate this part of a women’s body, and have an admiration for the female form in general. Traditionally, these designs tend to be popular among men, but women can also get them as a symbol of female empowerment. Designs can lean towards abstracts that include images of women’s legs, or they can be more classic images of vintage pinups, such as Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, and yes, Betty Grable. Her pinup image was included in Time Magazine’s “100 Photos That Changed the World,” and Hugh Hefner claimed it inspired him to start Playboy magazine. Grable’s Million Dollar Legs remain instantly recognizable, still captivating men to this day. Also, that name isn’t hyperbolic—her legs really were insured for one million dollars.

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