Crown Tattoos

The most straightforward interpretation of a crown tattoo is a symbol of royalty and authority. For a long time, royalty was thought to be divinely inspired, with kings and queens believed to have been hand-picked by a higher power. If you choose, a crown could carry the same spiritual connotations. Alternatively, it could signify your own rule over your thoughts, your choices, and your actions, and that it is your life within your control. When it’s combined with a cross, a crown tattoo can symbolize victory. If you’ve overcome a difficult obstacle in your life, a crown tattoo could be a commemorative piece to celebrate that you’ve overcome something difficult. Crowns are also a symbol of leadership, so if you consider yourself a leader or want to commemorate someone who led you through your life, a crown tattoo can be an excellent way to do so. Or maybe you just want to treat yourself like the queen or king you are. A crown tattoo has got you covered.

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