Joker - Jester Tattoos

A joker is known back in the medieval times as one that entertains people in the court, such as kings and queens. This is an individual who is dressed in a specific outfit and has on makeup to play the role of a court jester. A joker would often perform at the local market where others were around purchasing things and were well known for providing a great deal of entertainment. A joker tattoo is symbolic of being able to have a sense of humor in life. This could be the way you deal with some of the most challenging times and work to get through these as well as you can. Many people choose a joker tattoo because it matches their style, as well as their personality. A jester usually appeared in court back in the medieval days to entertain noble members of the court. A jester has also been referred to a person who is acting foolish or joking around in modern days. The role of the jester is to make others laugh, and a jester was even around in Egyptian days to keep the pharaoh entertained. A jester tattoo is symbolic of having fun and joking around with others. The person who chooses a tattoo design of this type typically has a good sense of humor. On the other hand, a tattoo design of an evil jester suggests being able to triumph over life.

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