Arrow Tattoos

Arrow tattoos might seem like a recent trend, but designs with arrows date back hundreds of years ago when they were associated with Native American tribes. The design remains popular for its visual and symbolic versatility. Designs can go from bold and bright to small and delicate to ornate and elaborate with ease. While the plethora of choices might seem intimidating, narrowing down what you want your tattoo to symbolize can help you select a design. A cupid’s arrow, or an arrow shown piercing a heart, can symbolize love and romance, just like the Roman god of love. A straight arrow can symbolize confidence and determination or moving forward in a new direction. An arrow pulling back on a bow can symbolize conflict or turmoil, where an arrow being released can symbolize overcoming obstacles. Arrow designs can also be similar to compass designs, symbolizing a sense of direction and charting the course of your life.

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