Iron Nail Tattoos

Death by crucifixion was an ancient method of capital punishment, most famously used to murder Jesus Christ for claiming he was the Son of God. People who were crucified, including Jesus, would have their hands and feet tied or nailed to wooden beams in the shape of a cross. In Christianity, Jesus’ crucifixion symbolizes his sacrifice by taking on the sins of the world and dying so that people can be forgiven. An iron nails tattoo can represent that same sacrifice, either the one Jesus made for humanity or another sacrifice you feel is similar in meaning or magnitude. Iron nails can also represent Jesus’ resurrection after being crucified and his victory over death. If you’re religious and you want to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, you could choose to get an iron nail tattoo to symbolize that. Combining iron nails with a cross or angel wings can add to the imagery of sacrifice and resurrection for the ultimate religious tattoo.

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