Clover Tattoos

The clover is a common name for plants, and there is estimated to be 300 species of these in the world today. However, despite all of the varieties of the clover plants, it’s likely that one of the most popular and easily recognized one by most is the Shamrock. This is an Irish symbol that is most significant during an Irish holiday, also known as St. Patrick’s Day. If you’re caught on this day of the year, March 17th and you're not wearing green, you may be pinched by others. A clover that brings good luck has four leaves to it rather than five which many clovers have. A clover tattoo is symbolic of the desire to have good fortune in life. Some people who choose it, believe strongly that it will bring more good luck than bad throughout all the various stages and times in life. It’s also common for the Irish to enjoy this tattoo design, and both men and women are known for getting a clover tattoo.

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