Yin Yang Tattoos

This is a Chinese philosophy that means opposites or forces that are contrary can work closely together to complement each other. The phrase the yin and the yang usually refer to a male and female couple. The Yin is considered to be the female, and the yang is the male force. This philosophy typically indicates that both is also equal and should be treated that way. The yin and the yang have gained a great deal of popularity in the tattoo arena. This tattoo is frequently created in a black and gray, but there are some done in red and black, as well.This yin part of this tattoo is done in white with a black dot inside, and this is the female part of it. On the other hand, the yang part is black with a white dot for the male, they are sometimes done in other colors as well. Both genders get this tattoo to show the love and respect each has for the other.

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