Ghost Tattoos

A belief in the supernatural isn’t required to get a ghost tattoo, but several people get them because they have a belief or an interest in the paranormal world. People may get ghost tattoos in memory of a loved one who’s passed away, or simply because they are interested in the subject. Alternatively, ghost tattoos could suit fans of horror stories and movies or fans of Gothic literature, especially because so many of these stories deal with the paranormal. Some people get skull or skeleton imagery along with a ghost tattoo, or they might get a graveyard scene. Ghosts are said to be the spirits of those who have died, and several religious and tribal practices are said to put spirits to rest. Belief in an afterlife and the spirits of those who have died inhabiting it is a common belief across times and cultures. Ghosts are said to haunt places and people they were associated with while they were alive. Some people believe ghosts of loved ones may visit them after they’ve passed away and others even attempt to contact and communicate with spirits of the dead, a practice called necromancy.

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