Shark Tattoos

The shark is listed in the fish category but is sure to be known for being one of the more dangerous living creatures in the sea. Sharks are known to have between five to seven-gill slits on the head. Additionally, sharks are typically large, and the largest species is known as the white whale that is estimated to be 39 feet in length. It’s estimated that there are 500 different types of shark species in existence today. A shark tattoo is one that creates a beautiful and distinctive design. Shark tattoos are symbolic of being fearless and having a great amount of power and strength. It’s common for sailors to get a shark tattoo because of having a life on the ocean. The shark is known to be one of the most respected creatures in the sea due to it being able to take life with great ease. They are intelligent, fearless, and aggressive. More men will typically get a tattoo of this type over women.

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