Venus Flytrap Tattoos

A variety of plant tattoos may abound, but a Venus flytrap tattoo is guaranteed to stand out. Venus flytraps are carnivorous plants that grow in the subtropical wetlands of the southeast United States, particularly North and South Carolina. If you or a loved one is from either of these states, a Venus flytrap tattoo could be a unique way to pay homage to a home state. Venus flytraps can symbolize “right place, right time” moments in life, due to the plant’s somewhat passive method of catching its prey. Venus flytrap leaves are shaped like an open mouth, and on those leaves are trigger hairs. When a bug brushes against those hairs, the leaves snap shut and the plant digests the bug between the leaves. After about ten days, the plant opens again, ready to catch its next meal. Perhaps you have an appreciation for unique and unconventional plant life, or you want your tattoo to symbolize instinct and intuition. Whatever your reason, your Venus flytrap tattoo, along with its meaning, is sure to be one of a kind.

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