Laurel Wreath Tattoos

A laurel wreath tattoo can be used to commemorate a moment of triumph, whether it be reaching a special milestone in your life or achieving a goal you’ve worked hard to accomplish. Adding a laurel wreath to a tattoo design can also give it an air of importance and power; if there’s something or someone you hold close to your heart, consider crowning them with a laurel wreath. Laurel wreaths are most commonly used as symbols of honor and victory, dating back to Greek mythology when sun god Apollo was pictured wearing one as a crown on his head. Roman emperors wore the same kind of crowns, and warriors were given them after victory in battle. Similarly, in ancient Greece, laurel wreaths were presented to Olympic victors. Some countries use a laurel wreath to represent a master’s degree in higher education, and the term “poet laureate” refers to the wreath as well.

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