Peony Tattoos

Peony tattoos can symbolize wealth, good fortune, and prosperity. In Japanese tradition, peonies can also symbolize a daring, cavalier, and risk-taking personality, often associated with Samurai and gamblers. Sometimes peonies are coupled with images of dragons, demons, and lions to symbolize the yin-yang relationship between beauty and power. Peony tattoos can also symbolize beauty and the delicacy of nature, as well as great rewards can only be achieved by great risk. As a flower, peonies symbolize romance, prosperity, honor, wealth, compassion, and happy marriages. Peonies used to be renowned for their medicinal uses. In medieval times, peony roots and seeds were used to cure a multitude of diseases, from snake bites to epilepsy. In China, where peonies grow natively, they are referred to as the king of flowers, and were the national flower until 1929. Peonies are also the state flower for Indiana and the flower given at the 12th wedding anniversary.

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