Chrysanthemum Tattoos

Chrysanthemum is a beautiful flower that is also referred to as a mum. These are commonly used during the fall season and can be helpful in decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving. This plant comes in many colors for you to choose. It’s believed that this flower originates from China and dates back as far as the 15th century, and was considered to be in the herb category. These days there are two types of Chrysanthemums and these are known as the ones that are garden hardy and others that are used more frequently at exhibits. This flower tattoo design is frequently thought to be associated with Japanese art. It is representative of many as the emperor in this country that sits on the throne and leads others. Another meaning of this tattoo is thought to be perfection or deity. However, in China, the meaning of the Chrysanthemum is simplicity and also is a sign of being joyful and content. Regardless of what this tattoo means to you, it can make a beautiful one for you to enjoy.

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