Food Tattoos

Food might not be the first place your mind goes when you think of a tattoo design, but that ‘s what can make choosing it so fun. A food tattoo is guaranteed to be a unique and original piece that will help you stand out. Food tattoo designs can range from cartoony and exaggerated to detailed and realistic. Some food tattoos are even a spin on vintage tattoo designs, like a pizza slice with an old-school “True Love” banner. As for symbolism, food tattoos can mean anything you choose. Some foods have a history of literary meaning, like strawberries representing the coming of spring in Anglo-Saxon stories or lemons representing love and fertility in Hindu cultures. And since food is so regional, you could get a food tattoo to symbolize your love of a hometown or city. For example, if you’re from Georgia, you could get a peach tattoo, or if you’re from California you could get an avocado. Like all tattoos, the symbolism is up to you.

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