Medusa Tattoos

Medusa tattoos have multiple meanings. She can portray a beautiful yet strong woman or a fierce and independent creature. Medusa tattoos can also portray both at the same time – a beautiful and strong woman with a head of snakes and petrifying stare. Anyone who considers themselves or someone they know to be diametrical might like this type of tattoo design. She can represent fierceness and independence as well as beauty and vulnerability. She can also represent an individual’s transformation due to a challenging life event that made her or him stronger, forever after. Medusa is a personage from ancient Greek mythology who began as a beautiful goddess but became an earthly creature with venomous snakes for hair and the power to petrify all creatures earthly and heavenly into stone with just a flash of her eyes. Medusa was condemned to mortality by Athena, the goddess of war and the favorite daughter of Zeus, because she considered her to be too beautiful and too powerful. Medusa did not have her head of snakes nor her deadly gaze until she was cursed as an earthly creature. Rejected by the gods and feared by humans, she lived her life in solitude.

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