Rest In Peace Tattoos

RIP stands for Rest In Peace, a sentiment often seen accompanying gravestones. Because of this, people often get RIP tattoos to commemorate a lost friend or family member. The phrase can also include the name of the lost loved one and their birth and death date. Originally, “rest in peace” was used by the Catholic and Jewish religions on tombstones to show the deceased dedicated their life to God. Now, RIP doesn’t have the same religious connotations, and now is used by people of all beliefs and backgrounds to show respect and compassion for those who have died. A commemorative tattoo with “RIP” could be a way to bring honor to a loved one’s memory or a way to help you grieve the loss. Some people think that getting an RIP tattoo can be cathartic in the grieving process. Alternatively, a RIP tattoo could represent the metaphorical death of a period of your life or an idea or concept that has “passed on.”

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