Mouse Tattoos

A mouse might make for an unconventional tattoo, but there’s a wealth of meaning that can be found in it. Above all else, mice are known for their quick, stealthy movements and ability to go unnoticed, as we see in the phrase “as quiet as a mouse.” Like rats, mice are also associated with intelligence and resourcefulness, and also like rats, mice are highly adaptive and have an unmatched ability to thrive in any condition. Mice are also seen as loyal companions, and are often depicted in children’s books and movies as good friends. A mouse tattoo could symbolize the resourcefulness, stealth, loyalty or intelligence associated with mice. It could also symbolize innocence, friendship, or shyness, because of a mouse’s quiet and bashful demeanor. A mouse tattoo could even be a symbol of fertility, referencing mice’s high libido and short reproductive cycle. In Ancient Greece, mice were sacred to the Greek god Apollo. More recently, the king of pop Michael Jackson wrote a song about a pet mouse named Ben.

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