Bulldog Tattoos

Bulldogs are a breed that has its origins in England, but there are also French, American, and Australian members of the species. Because of their English breeding, some people get bulldogs to represent English pride. If your family has English heritage you would like to celebrate, a bulldog could be a great way to do so. In America, bulldogs are symbols of the United States Marine Corps, so getting a bulldog tattoo could be a way to show support if you or someone you love is enlisted. The bulldog association comes from World War I, where Germany called US Marines “devil dogs.” The United States embraced the name and the symbol is still used to this day. Despite their gruff demeanor, bulldogs are actually very kind, courageous, and protective dogs. They make great family pets because they often form strong protective bonds with children. If you see yourself as a bulldog—rough on the outside, soft on the inside—a bulldog tattoo could be a great way to illustrate those qualities.

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