Snake Eyes Tattoos

The snake eyes tattoo has many meanings. The snake eyes tattoo may symbolize that you are dangerously charismatic and use your charms to get what you want out of other people, and in life. It can also represent your anti-authoritarian bent, if you are the type who likes to bend the rules, if not break them. Another and older meaning dating back to the 1920s is throwing a double of pips, or ones, with a pair of dice. This tattoo design can be matched with almost any other imagery you like, to enhance the meaning, but it typically paired with a pair of dice with each die showing a one. However most frequently the design appears standalone, with just the two powerful and devious and knowing eyes staring back at whomever gazes upon them. This tattoo design goes back to ancient Rome where throwing a pair of snake eyes with the dice meant that the thrower would soon encounter either good fortune or evil, depending on the context. A roll of snake eyes represented one’s destiny and would be tattooed on whomever threw them. Ancient Romans donning this tattoo were either celebrated or scorned based on their social caste.

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