Rat Tattoos

In the Western world, rats get a bad rap. But in Eastern culture, rats are associated with prosperity and fortune. Those who are born under this Chinese zodiac are seen as charming, witty, attractive, successful, and lucky in wealth and power. Asian mythology even says that rats first brought rice to Asia, and the Hindu god Ganesha overcame many trials with his pet rat by his side. A rat tattoo could embody these values Eastern cultures attribute to rats, such as wealth, prosperity, overcoming obstacles, or cleverness. If you were born in the year of the rat, you could get a tattoo to symbolize the traits of your zodiac sign. In contrast, the picture of rats in the West tends to be less flattering. It’s not without reason—in the 1300s, rats carried the Bubonic Plague that wiped out as many as 200 million people. However, rats are also highly adaptable and can live in almost any climate. A rat tattoo could symbolize resourcefulness, adaptability, or survival against the odds. Rats are also highly intelligent and learn very quickly, which is why they’re often used in laboratory experiments. A rat tattoo could symbolize the same intelligence and cunning.  

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